It Took Me Just 13 Minutes to Write This Article: Don’t Waste Your Writing Time

Ryan Canady
3 min readMay 25, 2024
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When you clock into a traditional job, you expect to be paid for your time.

It is astounding to me that more of us don’t think about the hours that we put into our writing in the same way that people do with a traditional job.

Perhaps you have experience working in a traditional job (I am guessing that you probably do).

You probably remember the feeling of wanting to be compensated for literally every minute of your time that you spend at work, and why wouldn’t you?

Why then do so many people not look at their writing time the same way?

It’s something that has been bothering me recently, and it is something that I want to turn around in my own writing career.

Know How Many Hours You are Writing

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It is NOT good enough to estimate how many hours per day you are putting into your writing.



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